About us


Staying Put is a domestic violence/abuse charity based in the North of England.  We  support women, men and children victim/survivors of domestic abuse.  


Through strong partnerships with the Police and Crime Commissioner, Bradford's Safer and Stronger Partnership Board, the Domestic and Sexual Violence Strategic Board we assist to achieve the objectives of the Bradford Domestic and Sexual Violence Strategy 2015 – 2020 a strategic response to ending violence against women and girls (VAWG) and inter-personal violence against men.


We keep voices of survivors at the heart of our work through the provision of appropriate services that ensure:


  • Protection: By influencing laws, policy and practice and working in partnership with key national and local agencies.
  • Prevention: Through raising public awareness and campaigns
  • Provision: By providing appropriates services needed to help survivors of domestic violence/abuse

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Our Conduct

The Staying Put Service Charter
Staying Put employees respect the fact that they undertake work in your home. Therefore there is a Service Charter.


How we will conduct ourselves

(Our Charter of Rights and Responsibilities for Individual Clients)


Throughout the time that service users are dealing with Staying Put they have:

  • The right to be treated as an individual and have views and opinions treated as such
  • The right to be consulted on things that will affect them or their home
  • The right to control their own lives and make informed choices about the Staying Put services they receive, to help meet their needs
  • The right of privacy and confidentiality
  • The right of equality of opportunity
  • Open access to personal records held by Staying Put (a small cost may be charged for this)
  • The right to be treated with dignity, respect and courtesy at all times
  • The right of access to the Staying Put complaints procedure
  • A guarantee that the Charter will be respected and its provisions regularly reviewed in the event of changing legislation (new laws) or shortcomings
  • A guarantee that these rights will be upheld by Staying Put at all times

Service users are expected to be responsible for:

  1. Treating Staying Put staff and contractors with courtesy and respect at all times.
  2. Providing accurate information. Staying Put reserve the right to breach confidentiality in the event of suspected fraud or other criminal activity.
  3. Funding any call out cost for missed contractors appointment such as lock smiths
  4. Maintaining the domestic abuse alarm and update alarm line provider if alarm is falsely activated.
  5. The payment of all resulting forced entry charges the police or their agencies may issue if the alarm is activated and entry is forced as a consequence of no response from the house.

Our full Code of Conduct can be downloaded here.


Please read our Service User Handbook for more information on how we work with our clients and how we expect them to work with us.