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The Creative Butterfly Project

The Creative Butterfly Project, which is a group for women in the recovery period of an abusive relationship. The group is a creative art group which is looking at the positives of oneself.


To celebrate and focus on positive aspects of oneself as a person who is rebuilding after domestic abuse.

To identify these positives through group work and a creative process.

To enable the individual to build their own 'creative toolkit' that can be used by them individually, as needed in the future.

The project is created by Jillian Boyd -

Please also take a look at: - where the Butterfly Project is showcasing some of the work they have produced.

For more information please contact Michelle at Staying Put on 01274 667104 or email.

Shipley based professional photographer, Shy Burhan, approached Staying Put when she heard about the fantastic work that they do with survivors of domestic abuse.

Having experienced domestic abuse herself when she was growing up, she had vowed that when she was in a position to do so, she would turn her trauma into a positive experience. Using her skills in photography, this celebrated photographer will be continuing her social documentary work by working with offshoot sister program, The Butterfly Project, for five weeks.

Shy was impressed by how its founder, Jill Boyd, uses her background in fine art to deliver immersive, art therapy workshops to facilitate the recovery process for survivors of domestic abuse. On the back of that, Shy will present her work for the first time at the WOW Festival at Kala Sangam, launching on the 4th November. Follow her progress at