We need your help!


The Big Give is an excellent chance to help support our charity. Plus, and this is a huge plus, the first £1100 that people donate will be doubled!


We need your support with a difficult, often unspoken about, area of domestic violence. We want to fund the following: 

Domestic abuse in the LGBT community is a serious issue. About 25% of LGBT people suffer through violent or threatening relationships with partners or ex-partners. This is about the same rate as in domestic abuse against heterosexual women. We want to provide a worker to help shed light on, and tattle this concerning issue.


Donations will be doubled from 12pm on Tuesday 29th November (#GivingTuesday) until a charity's matching pot is exhausted or until 12pm on Friday 2nd December, whichever is earlier - our matching put is worth £1100 so the first £1100 will be doubled.


Note: After the matching pot is used up, your donations will not be doubled - but they will still be much needed and used towards the project. 


Donations must be made to the charity's project on The Big Give's website - please Donate using this link - HERE